We’re proud to be a locally owned and managed, independent hotel and we’re committed to minimising our impact on our own piece of the planet, our city and the wider environment.

According to The United Nations World Tourism Organisation, hotels are accountable for one percent of all global emissions.

Now, we at The Chester Hotel can’t significantly better this figure … but we believe strongly that every little bit we do helps and we’re embedding sustainability in everything we do.

 It’s not a trend for us - it’s our way of operating our hotel for today and the future.

 You can read more detail about how we’re doing that in more detail on the pages within this section – but here are the headlines:

We are compliance with all relevant environmental regulations and legislation. 

Our sustainability team meets monthly to ensure that the hotel’s policies are being implemented across all departments and real progress is being made in areas such as the reduction in waste to landfill.

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