We’re giving bedding a clean sheet on the sustainability front. Your room will be serviced daily (read more about our cleaning products here) and we change sheets on the fourth day of your stay.

Of course, you can let us know if you need your sheets changed more frequently but, with a four-day rotation, we’re saving considerably on energy, water use and detergent.

We also ask that guests don’t throw in the towel too soon – every towel you hang up if you are happy to use it again helps. And we’ll shower you with praise for using the rainfalls rather than the bath!

The Chester key card which gives access to your room (and switches on the electricity in the room) is made from eco-friendly FSC approved wood fibre board – not plastic. AND, it is reusable and recyclable.

Our guests are asked to leave bottles, cans and newspapers beside the bin so that we can recycle them – and we use large bags to collect all the recycling rather than lots of small ones.

It’s not just in our bedrooms where we are minimising waste. You’ll see that every member of our staff has their own reusable Chester Hotel water bottle.

And, at all our events we offer refillable glass water bottles on the tables.

We love to keep our hotel looking fab, but when we refurbish, we reuse the furniture by having upholstery recovered or furniture reconditioned. Needless to say we use local upholsterers and French polishers for the refurbishments.

Some of our staff uniforms are made from recycled fibres – keeping production at a minimum and reducing water usage and pollution. 

Expired batteries are collected in a battery bank and recycled.

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