Green Policy

We are extremely passionate about our part in Green Tourism and how we can help the environment in any way possible. From January 2014, government initiative Zero Waste Scotland has set an ambitious target of 70% recycling and just 5% of waste going to landfill by 2025. This will be achieved by requiring all businesses, large and small, to separate plastic, glass, metal, paper and card for recycling. At The Chester Hotel we are confident that, thanks to us working with local companies One Stop Waste and Keenan Recycling, this is an achievable aim for us.

Waste Management
We are working with two local companies, One Stop Waste and Keenan Recycling, to ensure our waste management systems are in place and in accordance with Zero Waste Scotland.

One Stop Waste

Established in 2006, One Stop Waste’s aim was simple; ‘to assist businesses and organisations in the North East of Scotland to manage their waste effectively, recycle and reduce costs’.

One Stop Waste has stated that ‘Today our original values stand true, from the initial waste audit to on-going reviews, we will be your ‘Expert to Hand’. Our experienced team will provide you with a single source of supply which not only ensures that the day to day waste collections are reliable competitive and compliant, but will work with you to: develop recycling opportunities; implement waste strategies; provide waste reporting; advise on efficiencies; and keep you informed of current and future legislation’.

Keenan Recycling

Keenan Recycling Ltd is one of Scotland's leading organics recycling specialists. They turn food and garden waste into BSI accredited compost products which are used to enrich the soils with valuable nutrients.

Keenan Recycling has stated that they are ‘an ambitious company with high standards. We use state of the art technology and advanced techniques to ensure we are at the forefront of organic waste collection and treatment. From the provision of services to production of end products we aim to provide quality, value for money and peace of mind’.

‘We are passionate about our business and are delighted when we hear reports of significant increases in recycling rates thanks to our services. By using our food waste collections and organic recycling facilities our customers are leading the way towards a Zero Waste society’.

‘Our success builds on the efforts of individuals and organisations to improve the way they live and work. So recycling is not all about us - it's more about you. If you want to make a change, it’s our goal to help you find the Green Solution’.