We're back! Well almost!

You can, once again, book tables outdoors and indoors for our fabulous food and delightful drinks and also book our romantic rooms. 

  • food and drink bookings (with alcohol) outdoors in the marquees from April 26 from 12 noon to 10pm with last order at 8pm
  • food and non-alcoholic drinks inside from 3 May 12 noon to 8pm with last orders at 6pm
  • drinks only alfresco tables for one hour slot
  • breakfast, teas and coffees from 10am to 12 noon inside from 3 May
  • All our bedrooms can now be booked again from 30 April
  • Afternoon teas can be booked now for 30 April, 1 and 2 May and then every Wednesday to Sunday from 5 May onwards.
  • Please note there's a minimum spend of £20 per person on our food tables and £10 per person on our drinks only tables

But it wouldn’t be a lockdown reopening if there weren’t regulations to follow.

Forgive us if we sound like your primary 3 teacher before you went on the annual class summer outing, but there are things you need to know before venturing out for your much missed Chester experience. But, the orders come from above, so eyes forward, arms folded and listen up!

  • For outdoor bookings, the rule is no more than six people from a maximum of six households.
  • We’re open outdoors from 12 noon to 10pm with last orders at 8pm. (For the teacher’s pet in the front row, we know that the Scottish government allows opening until 1030pm but a condition of local licensing means our marquees have to be closed at 10pm … and we mean closed, and everyone out. We appreciate that it’s been a long time since we’ve all been able to socialise, but we do need the whole marquee vacated by 10pm and not just everyone starting to think about their post -lockdown goodbyes at 10 pm … without a licence we can’t open at all, so please be considerate to our staff at closing time.)
  • Please be aware of the current no alcohol indoors rule when you book and also the rule that only groups of six can meet from a maximum of two households.
  • We will be offering breakfasts, teas and coffees indoors from 3 May 10am to 12 noon. We’d very much like you to book tables for this too, although we understand that you may want to walk up for this service, which will also have a maximum two-hour booking slot. And sorry, we can’t offer you office working space all day for you if you’ve got cabin fever working at home!
  • Everyone has to be seated – we know there will be other people you know and you’ll want to stop by their table and chat, but the government rules simply don’t allow for it.
  • Children up to 12 years old don't count in the rule of six from six or the rule of six from two (are you keeping up at the back there?) but if you are bringing the whole family everyone needs to have a seat booked – even the smallest ones in high chairs. 

There will be a test at the end of this by the way …

  • The Scottish government is suggesting two hour pre-booked slots for when hospitality reopens fully inside and we’re adopting this from the day we open as good practice.
  • By booking online you will help us to safely and securely store everyone’s Test and Protect details as we are required to do. Our booking system allows you to add notes so if you have any dietary requirements, need a high chair etc, you can add all of this into the booking and we’ll have it all ready for you.
  • We have a minimum spend of £20 per person for bookings throughout the hotel. The last 12 months have been massively challenging for everyone in the hospitality industry and we need to build a firm future for our whole team; we hope you will understand this. So – and here’s where the maths lessons come in handy – if you are a table of four and your total bill comes to £72, you will be charged £80 to comply with the minimum spend requirement.

Teachers love nothing more than a good piece of revision so here goes:

  • You must wear a mask when you are in our premises (outside and inside) except when you are at your table.
  • You must sanitise on arrival with our sanitising units.
  • You should not leave your house if you feel unwell with any of the coronavirus symptoms

The good news is that we’re being urged to stay local – and we’re all for that. We want everyone to support their local independent businesses whether they are butchers, florists, cafes, pubs, restaurants or shops. (We left out the hairdressers and barbers there as we know that simply everyone will be flocking back to them the moment they pick up their shears and tinting brushes again!)

Everyone has a personal responsibility to understand and abide by the government guidelines - As Ms Twinkle would say, it’s okay to be wrong – and we will help you - but it’s not okay not to try.

And, the’ dog ate my homework’ excuse for not knowing the rules isn’t a valid one either.

We’re looking forward to being back and being best in class.