Black Friday … a day that truly encapsulates the heartwarming spirit of the forthcoming festive season. While it conjures images of peace, goodwill, and serene shopping sprees, its origins are as innocent as a politician promising a quick and efficient solution to a national issue.

The Not-So-Innocent Inception

Believe it or not, the term "Black Friday" wasn’t coined to describe the chaos of consumers diving into discounted TVs like it's the last lifeboat on the Titanic. No, some say it actually stems from Philadelphia in the 1950s. The police used the term to describe the bedlam and traffic jams caused by post-Thanksgiving shopping. Others claim it is named because it helped many companies end the year in the black due to strong sales.

From Calm to Chaos

Fast forward a few decades, and here we are … Black Friday, the epitome of harmony, where people bond over their shared love of discounted coffee makers. It’s a day where consumers exercise their rights to spend money they perhaps don’t have … on things they probably, definitely don’t need.

The Dawn of Midnight Madness

It was once a civilised affair, with American shops opening at a decent hour. But then, someone thought, "What if we started at midnight?" And thus, Midnight Madness was born. Because what better way for our American friends to celebrate Thanksgiving (and run off the turkey feast!) than by lining up at a store while the pumpkin pie is still warm?

The Evolution of ‘Doorbusters’

Then there is the sacred tradition of doorbusters – otherwise known as those irresistible deals that lure customers in with the promise of a 99% discount on a limited stock of three items. Because who needs sleep or sanity when you can wrestle for a flat-screen TV at 3am?

Thanksgiving Day

Indeed, in the States, there is now a trend of shops opening on Thanksgiving Day itself. Because spending time with family and eating until you regret your life choices should clearly come second to snagging a half-priced kitchen appliance which you will use only twice before it ends up in a cupboard only to be unearthed to go to the tip in a decade’s time.

The Cyber Monday Conundrum

And, as if one day of shopping insanity wasn’t enough, we now also have Cyber Monday. After all, why recover from your Black Friday shopping spree when you can keep your credit card warm for another round of discounts online?

The Dark Side of Black Friday

Let's not overlook the less-glamorous side of this consumerist extravaganza. Stories of stampedes, brawls over discounted electronics, the occasional pepper spray incident and the stress to those with mental health problems which flash sales can place on them certainly paint a picture of festive cheer and goodwill to all.

The Irony of Black Friday

In conclusion, the evolution of Black Friday is truly a testament to human ingenuity. From its (possible) humble traffic-jam origins to the present-day shopping battlefield, it's a day that symbolises the joy of giving, receiving, and maybe a bit of pushing and shoving to get that last food processor at 40% off.

So, this Black Friday season, as you cozy up with your newly acquired discounted shiny bean to cup coffee maker, remember the true meaning of Black Friday: the joy of shopping, the thrill of the deal hunt, and the ultimate quest for the perfect gift … brought to you by the magic of capitalism and a touch of irony.

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