The first rule of Dining Club: you must talk about Dining Club.

We can’t promise that you will have Brad Pitt sitting across the table from you, but we can be certain that our monthly dining club will bring together a meeting of gastronomic minds.

Join up to 20 other guests in the elegant Granite Balcony for a private fine dining experience where you get to learn about each dish in a menu presented by members of our award-winning kitchen team.

The menu changes each month and mirrors the restaurant’s offering of local produce, cooked in a simple yet elegant way. Each of the three courses will be paired with a wine hand selected by fine wine retailer, WoodWinters.

Time to step up your training regime to prepare for this most amazing of culinary experiences: we’d hate for you to tap out before dessert.

The restaurant headed up by a first class chef I believe going all out for his first Michelin star should have no problem as his attention to detail in his team serving the very best cuisine was on show to a very high standard…

BarryC, TripAdvisor